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The Best Mixing Bowls

We use mixing bowls daily for making sweet baked goods, no-knead breads, then for beating, whipping and more. A few things are important in choosing the right mixing bowl.

First, size: If the bowl isn't big enough, it's difficult to work without making a mess. Then, the material of the bowl is also important. The shape also matters. For example, the bowls with a lower height are easier to work with, while higher bowls are better when working with mixers. 

When it comes to design, some bowls have a built-in handle, a pouring spout or non-slip base?

The looks also matter. Some mixing bowls are suitable to use as serving bowls on a tables, while others are only for kitchen use.

Here are the best mixing bowls, tested by a home cook, to help you prep any recipe.

simple pistachio cookies adding flour

We recommend these mixing bowls:

Bovado Glass Bowls (Set of 3) - ideal for measuring dry ingredients and whisking wet ingredients while making the cookies.

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