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What is muscovado sugar

Dark muscovado sugar

Muscovado sugar is unrefined cane sugar that contains natural molasses. This sugar has rich brown colour, moist texture and toffee-like taste. It has a slightly coarse texture and feels sticky to the touch.

Muscovado is commonly used to give baked goods such as cookies, cakes and muffins deeper flavour but can be also used for savoury sauces and marinades.

The texture of muscovado sugar is moist and sticky, so it's often compared to wet sand. Its taste is complex and rich, a strong molasses flavour of toffee and slightly bittersweet.

Muscovado sugar comes into two varieties: dark and light. Dark muscovado has no molasses removed and is more common. Only a small part of molasses is extracted from light muscovado, which gives it a lighter flavour.

Uses of muscovado sugar

Muscovado sugar is used for making chocolate baked goods like brownies and cookies. Gingerbread and similar dark-flavoured sweets are also a good match, and it makes a delicious caramelised ice-cream.

Muscovado makes and excellent sweetener for coffee and tea, or when sprinkled over the top of oatmeal, pudding or yogurt. This sugar is also used for preparing barbecue sauce and marinades or glazes for meats.

Storage of muscovado sugar

Since muscovado sugar have so much moisture, they're prone to drying out. When stored improperly, the sugar will become clumps and will harden. Store muscovado in an air-tight container with a tight lid or a plastic zip-top bag.

Recipes with muscovado sugar

We love to add muscovado sugar to the cookies to get interesting texture and amazing caramelized flavour. Why not to try our recipes with muscovado sugar:

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