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Chocolate almond muffins
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We are huge fans of desserts and love to prepare them in every occasion. From comforting chocolate cakes, creamy tiramisu and from easy desserts to decadent dinner party desserts, this collection of marvellous dessert recipes is sure to thrill anyone with a sweet tooth.

We love to make muffins which can be eaten for breakfast or along a cup of coffee in the afternoon or you can grab them as a quick snack for your picnic. Why not to try our soft and moist chocolate almond muffins or chocolate muffins with chestnut flour and chestnut puree adding specific flavour.

People's favourite are bakery-style chocolate chip muffins which are best enjoyed while still warm. Almond flour chocolate muffins and chocolate orange muffins are also delicious. If you are looking for healthy muffin option, why not to try our healthy chocolate chip muffins!

If looking for a quick but amazing sweet bite, chocolate truffles are ideal choice. They are so easy to make with only a few ingredients and are so elegant dessert. They come in a range of flavours, but our choice are simple dark chocolate truffles, creamy chocolate chestnut truffles and white chocolate truffles. They are also ideal as a interesting gift to your friends for holidays.

For those in love with creamy dessert, we have a recipe for simple chocolate mousse or traditional Italian dessert panna cotta in two versions: chocolate panna cotta and white chocolate panna cotta!

For those looking for some desserts to impress guests, mini chocolate tarts made with pastry crust and filled with chocolate ganache would be an ideal choice. Why not to try also our lemon hazelnut tarts topped with lemon curd If you love fried desserts try our recipes for Venetian fritolechestnut flour crostolisweet yogurt fritterssimple homemade doughnutscinnamon churros, mini spiced churros or coconut churros with chocolate sauce. For Easter desserts, try hot cross buns - popular British baked pastries. For puff pastry desserts, try our hazelnut puff pastry twists!

Wheather you're vegan or gluten intolerant and simply craving something sweet, our dessert recipe will please you. Try our gluten-free chestnut flour pancakes or chocolate crepes with lemon curd!

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