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How to store cookies

When we keep the cookies for longer, their texture can go in the opposite direction that was intended: soft cookies can become hard, and crispy cookies can become soft. Also strong flavours from one type of cookies can pass to others.

For storing cookies for longer, it's the best to freeze them. However, if you simply want to keep cookies fresh for about a week, you're better off keeping them at room temperature. Here are some advices for best storage of cookies.

Useful tips for storing the cookies

Cool cookies completely

Cookies need to be completely cool before they're places in storage containers, otherwise the trapped heat will create condensation - which will ruin your cookies.

Keep cookies separate

If you're storing cookies with different flavours and textures, keep them in separate containers. Otherwise, your soft cookies will moisten your crisp cookies, and the flavours will start to blend together.

Divide into layers

When placing cookies in containers, arrange them in a single layer, adding a piece of baking paper or waxed paper between layers. You should use baking paper when baking cookies. It keeps your cookies from sticking and spreading and protects the longevity of your bakeware.

Keep in the cool place

Cookies stay fresh in a cool, dry place such as back shelf of your pantry. Depending on the variety of the cookies, they'll last between a few days to a few weeks. For longer storage, keep cookies in the freezer.

Soft amaretti cookies

Freeze the dough

Consider also freezing cookie dough instead of the baked goods. Just shape cookies and place on baking tray and place in the freezer for 30 minutes. When firm, place the dough in a freezer bag. Bake from frozen for 3 - 5 minutes longer than the original instructions.

Use the right container

To keep your cookies fresh, we suggest storing them in airtight containers. You can keep containers at room temperature and also keep in the fridge.

How to store soft cookies

Soft cookies such as gingerbread, chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies should be stored separately from crispy cookies.

In order to keep them soft, tuck a slice of white bread inside the airtight container. The moisture in the bread will leach out into the cookies.

How to store crispy cookies

You want to keep moisture away from the crispy cookies. To do this, store crispy cookies separately from soft cookies in an airtight container that's not completely sealed.

This will allow some air to enter and keep your cookies away from humidity and moisture. 

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