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Mar 13, 2024

Soft Lemon Cookies with Almond Flakes - Light & Crunchy

soft lemon cookies almond flakes top

You are going to adore our soft lemon cookies coated in crunchy almond flakes! So delicious and ready in only 30 minutes!

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Mar 13, 2024

Simple Pistachio Cookies - Flavourful & Crunchy

simple pistachio cookies main

You will adore these buttery cookies with caramel flavour and packed with large pieces of pistachios. So easy and quick to make!

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Mar 13, 2024

Almond Cheesecake Truffles

almond cheesecake truffles main

Everybody loves these almond cheesecake truffles. Enriched with toasted almonds and fresh lemon zest these truffles are so delicious.

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Mar 13, 2024

Sweetcorn and Zucchini Filo Triangles | Secret Recipe Notebook

sweetcorn zucchini filo triangles main

These simple crunchy filo triangles filled with sweetcorn and zucchini are so addictive. An ideal snack, appetizer or picnic meal!

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Mar 13, 2024

Chestnut Flour Cookies - Gluten-Free & Addictive

chestnut flour cookies bunch

Follow our simple recipe and make a bunch of delicious gluten- free chestnut flour cookies. You will become addictive to these buttery and nutty cookies which pair well with a cup of coffee or tea.

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Mar 13, 2024

Pecan Linzer Cookies - Prettiest Festive Cookies

pecan linzer cookies more

Pecan Linzer cookies are ideal festive cookies! Made with pecan enriched cookie dough and strawberry jam! So addictive!

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Mar 13, 2024

Baked Breaded Mushrooms with Herbs

baked breaded mushrooms herbs few

These baked breaded mushrooms flavoured with a mix of herbs are so delicious and so easy to make! Great snack or side dish!

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Mar 13, 2024

Vanilla Ice-Cream - Simple & Creamy

vanilla ice-cream bowl

Make at home this delicious vanilla ice-cream! For this recipe you will need only 4 ingredients! Creamy and so delicious!

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Oct 27, 2023

Vanilla Crescent Cookies - Crumbly & Nutty

vanilla crescent cookies bowl whole

Our vanilla crescent cookies are packed with nuts and scented with vanilla. They are great addition to your holiday cookie tray.

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Oct 27, 2023

Pumpkin Crêpes

pumpkin crepes front 01

Make at home our pumpkin crêpes and turn them into delicious breakfast or even yummy dessert. So easy and quick to make!

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