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quick Easy Dessert Recipe

We love easy desserts you can whip up at any time. You can prepare them in the morning for breakfast, once you crave for something sweet and you don't have much time.

One of the simplest dessert are fried desserts, which are usually whipped up in minutes. Why not to try our sweet yogurt fritters and soft ricotta fritters, both quickly whipped up and fried. One of the options would be cinnamon churros as well as traditional venetian frìtole.

One of the easiest sweets ever are homemade chocolate truffles which comes in a wide range of variations. We have proven recipes for simple chocolate truffles scented with Amaretto and the one with pistachios. For something slightly different try our easy lemon truffles or simple white chocolate truffles.

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    Follow our simple recipe and make a bunch of delicious gluten- free chestnut flour cookies. You will become addictive to these buttery and nutty cookies which pair well with a cup of coffee or tea.

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  3. Smoked Ham Pumpkin Pizza

    Jan 20, 22 07:04 AM

    You are going to adore these pizza full of flavours from smoked ham, pumpkin, mozzrella and fresh rosemary. A perfect fall pizza!

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  4. Almond Flour Biscotti

    Jan 09, 22 12:10 PM

    Follow our recipe and make almond flour biscotti! These simple biscotti with delicate almond flavour are ideal pair with a cup of tea.

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  5. Chestnut Flour Crostoli

    Jan 09, 22 12:10 PM

    Follow our proven recipe and make a bunch of crunchy chestnut flour crostoli. These amazing sweets are made with chestnut flour and scented with orange zest.

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  6. Mini Lemon Curd Doughnuts

    Jan 09, 22 12:09 PM

    Everyone loves these soft doughnuts filled with silky lemon curd! Easy to make and so delicious!

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